Project Example

Paleoquest Trail Phone/Web App development



Geckoella/The Onion Collective


2016 - 2017

Design and development of a phone/web app to provide an interactive geo-cache trail for Watchet, Somerset

 Our contribution:


  • App design

  • Programming


  • The Watchet Paleo-Quest App is designed to provide a fun trail around the town. It is based on Geocaching. 

  • Users find clues, and locate cache objects and specimens on a walk round the town.

  • When they correctly answer the quiz question relating to each cache a geological specimen is added to their collection box and they are rewarded with a secret word.

  • When they have completed all the quiz questions and collected all their specimens and secret words they receive a prize if they visit the Boat Museum 

  • The App uses GPS to guide users around the town. Clues are only unlocked when the user is in close proximity to the location of an individual cache. 

  • The Application is designed to raise awareness of the geology and history of the town and drive traffic to the Boat Museum and Information Centre.