In 2019 we were commissioned to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and appropriate evaluation methods to assess delivery of the project aims, to advise and support the project officer to develop staff and volunteer evaluation skills, and ensure that the evaluation is based on best practice continues after funding has come to an end. We will also be developing the final evaluation report in 2022.

The 3 year HF funded project will work with residents to discover and protect wildlife across 11 parishes along the banks of Devon’s River Torridge, between Great Torrington and Hatherleigh. The project aims to inspire 1,200 people to explore, record and help to protect wildlife. Communities will share skills, knowledge and success stories, working together to create a landscape where people can reap the benefits of being outdoors in a healthy natural environment.

Project Example


Devon Conservation Communities Project



Devon Wildlife Trust


2019 - 2022

 Our contribution:


  • Monitoring and evaluation framework

  • Evaluation tools

  • Training

  • Final project evaluation