We offer specialist advice on wildlife and ecology to a range of clients.  

As a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, a chartered Landscape Architect, and building conservation specialist Phil Collins leads our multidisciplinary approach to environmental  projects.

We are happy to work as part of larger  multi-disciplinary teams led by other organisations

We adhere and promote the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and of the Landscape Institute.

Project development and funding

We help develop, secure funding and manage environmental projects for a range of clients from the charitable and public sectors.

  • feasibility studies

  • bid preparation

  • funding raising

  • community engagement

  • project management

  • evaluation

Habitat surveys

  • initial walk over surveys

  • scoping

  • extended Phase 1 surveys

  • hedgerow regulation surveys

  • river habitat surveys

  • river corridor surveys

  • estuarine and coastal surveys

  • woodland surveys


Botanical surveys

  • NVC

  • Invasive species

  • tree surveys


Protected species

  • surveys

  • mitigation design

  • licence applications

Preliminary ecological appraisals (pEA)

  • desk studies

  • site surveys

  • impact assessment

  • options appraisal

  • mitigation

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

  • scoping

  • desk and site surveys to establish the baseline

  • ecological valuation

  • impact assessment

  • design of mitigation, compensation and enhancement

Habitat management and restoration 

  • baseline surveys

  • design and implementation

  • management plans

  • monitoring


Ecological design

  • habitat creation

  • wetland and pond design

  • woodland design

  • contract specification and management


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