PCA are  undertaking the evaluation of the development phase of the Heritage FUnd supported project. It is aiming to harness peoples' passion for trees by empowering 45,000 people to make lasting improvements to their Treescapes, providing hope in the face of the alarming changes that ash dieback is already bringing.


Trees Outside Woods contribute greatly to Devon's beautiful landscapes. They create our small copses, orchards, parklands and wood pastures, and enhance our fields and 53,000km of hedgerows  bind the whole patchwork together. Equally important are the street, garden and park trees that make our towns and villages attractive and enjoyable places to live in.

A 3-2-1 ash replacement formula will be championed, with at least three new trees planted (or encouraged) for every large ash lost, two for every medium-sized ash, and one for every small ash.  250,000 new urban and rural TOWs will be established, around 50% within the five project priority landscapes. 

12,000 hedgerow saplings will be tagged and nurtured to the point where they are no longer vulnerable to hedge trimming; and 4,500 metres of wild ‘fruit routes’ will be established in urban landscapes, including 19,500 trees bearing edible fruit for foraging by both humans and wildlife.

The project involves a wide partnership including several of Devon's AONBs and  local authorities, DBRC, FWAG, the Forestry Commission, The Tree Council, the Woodland Trust, Clinton Devon Estates and Beaford Arts.

Project Example


Saving Devon's Treescapes Project



Devon Wildlife Trust


2019 - 2022

 Our contribution:


  • Evaluation framework

  • Evaluation tools

  • Development phase report