The Devon wide Community Action for Wildlife

PCA are leading a project that is helping communities to develop initiatives to save Devon’s wildlife.  We reviewed how the DLNP and others can support people’s efforts to protect wildlife, especially species, habitats and features for which Devon is most valuable.  We reviewed community-based projects across Devon and in the UK and identified lessons that could be learned.   We devised and undertook a consultation programme with stakeholder community groups, conservation organisations and local authorities across Devon. 

We helped scope and run a Community Action for Wildlife Conference in July 2019. It was heavily oversubscribed. 120 delegates attended. We led three workshops on the nature network, use of specialists and mapping nature.


The project was delivered on budget and within timescales.  We have now been commissioned to develop funding bids to support the next stage of the project.

Project Example

Community Action for Wildlife



Devone LNP / Devon County Council


2018 - present

 Our contribution:


  • Community consultation

  • Phone interviews

  • Project development

  • Assessment and report