Devon Climate Action Network was established to coordinate and network between community based climate action and transition groups in the county.


Twelve communities were members of the Transition Towns movement and a further eighteen groups were active in the county.


PCA were commissioned to survey the member organisations of DeCAN to establish their view on the future direction and strategy of the organisation. The surveys also assessed the success of DeCAN and its members in achieving behavioural change and in engendering support for positive action for sustainability in Devon’s communities.


PCA designed the survey approach, with an on-line questionnaire, telephone and a sample of in person follow-up interviews.

The contract included a review of best practice examples and case studies, leading to the development of an on-line knowledge base of best practice examples from group members and further afield.


The information was partially collated in order to inform the Sustainable Energy Across Common Space (SEACS) INTERREG IVA Project that sort to map and understand existing good practice relating to activities and initiatives aimed at getting individuals, households, community groups/organisations and schools to adopt energy efficiency and/or renewable energy measures in their homes and buildings.

PCA also provided, or updated communications tools such as the DeCAN web site, newsletter and membership / contact database.

Project Example


Devon Climate Change

Action Network (DeCAN)



Our contribution:

Assessment of future      options for DeCAN.


Design and delivery of  membership:


  • Telephone interview survey

  • Email survey

  • On-line survey

  • In-person interviews 

  • Review of website   functionality

  • Website redesign


Review of best practice and case studies

Development of an  on-line knowledge base

Review of best practice and case studies

Design, production and distribution of  an E-newsletter