HLF Transition Funding  - 100k

  • Establishment of a new charitable body

  • Recruitment of a new Board of Trustees


ACE Funding - £320k

  • New partnership of Torquay’s 3 museums

  • Fundraising officer, outreach officer, programme officer, volunteer coordinator and finance manager

  • Fundraising programme

  • Marketing programme and development of web portal and sites

  • Education programme

  • All new IT, point of sale and finance systems


HLF Your Heritage  - £50k  Geohub Project

  • Geology gallery redisplay

  • Education programme & community engagement


Happy Museum -  £10 Young Sustainability Champions Programme

  • Developing the museum as a hub for “green living” lead by teenagers


Esmee Fairburn—£40k  Geology Project

  • Conservation of internationally important geology collections


Corporate giving

Cavanna Homes

  • 3 year support for  Monster Saturdays Education Programme


Waitrose and Asda

Torquay United

  • In-kind sponsorship of temporary exhibition



Donation of  set from Hercule Poirot  series for  the redisplayed Agatha Christie Gallery


Individual fundraising

Public campaign that raised c £20k in 6 months


Public sponsorship programme

Individual sponsorship of exhibition items for temporary exhibitions



Development of automata donations boxes by Forkbeard Fantasy


On-line giving

Establishing on-line presence with Just Giving



British Council

  • International volunteering scheme supported by British Council funding


Partnership funding applications

Quest Play -  with Play Torbay/Play England -  a festival of science focussed events for children with the Barbican Theatre,, Egg Theatre, National Trust and Forkbeard Fantasy.

Project Example


Torquay Museums



Our contribution:

Phil Collins - as Director/CEO


  • Development and implementation of a 5 year fund raising strategy


  • Funding applications


  • Partnership development and co-funding


  • Business membership scheme


  • Corporate Sponsorship


  • Individual giving


  • On-line giving scheme


  • Apprenticeship scheme